No more Fake Bake for me. I am a Thirty something year old female that has preferred a golden glow since my teenage years. In my early 20's the tanning salon was introduced and I sought employment in one establishment, so that I could enjoy that glow, year round. That was when I was first introduced to THE ALL OVER TAN.

On my first visit to tan I came well prepared with the essentials re: bathing suit, as this was what I was accustomed to and thought it was required. Due to my upbringing anything less would be cheap and lewd. When the owner of the salon noticed the extra baggage I was carrying, she gently informed me that I need nothing more than a sticker to measure progress if I desired. My mouth must have dropped and with a glazed look in my eye, she pulled her T-shirt to the side and it reveled a small heart shaped white spot. I was a change woman after that, always looking for a way to achieve the all over tan.

However, I wasn't willing to settle for the constraints of a uncomfortable plastic bed that made me feel like I was in a coffin. I wanted to feel the relaxing warmth of the sun, and feel my body tingle as a gentle breeze cooled my skin.

My husband and I took up sailing, but I wasn't truly comfortable nor relaxed because at every noise I was startled and grabbing for nearby clothing. The smaller lakes just aren't big enough, and are frequented by too many people to achieve long periods of time without interruptions.

We sought out Clothes Free and Clothing Optional clubs and resorts. I found them to be safe, comfortable and very relaxing. They not only offer sunbathing but have many other organized activities and socialization as well. They are a great place to meet people from different social and economical backgrounds.

Friends; Nude is not Lewd and no need to fear Nude Sunbathing in a controlled environment.

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